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Fake Job Alert !

BE AWARE OF FRAUD! Companies do NOT request payments for interviews or at any other point during the hiring process.

Important Security Notice

Fake Job Scam Alert! We are informing you that a phony agency is sending emails to you and informing you about job opportunities in well-reputed companies. Also, they mentioned in the subject “Job Invitation letter”. You are selected for the position “——-” and come for an interview. Please bring your resume/CV, and passport copy with you. 

Mainly companies will contact candidate with their domains that match their websites. Generally, communications from such large established companies do not come from publicly available addresses like Yahoo or Gmail. If someone with a generic address contacts you, ask if they are able to conduct communications via a company domain email address.

Please watch closely for email addresses with misspelled or “spoofed” company names. These are often similar to, but not exactly match the actual company name.       

Examples of suspicious email addresses like: “[email protected], [email protected]” instead of “[email protected]” and misspelled company names like: “[email protected], [email protected].”

Conversation dialogue between fake agent and jobseeker during the interview.

Mostly fake agents will target jobseekers who have visit visas and come to UAE for the first time. Here we provide what fake agents will do in the interview section.

1. Sometimes the fake agent will ask for money depending on your working experience, usually, they ask for 200aed, 300aed, 400aed or more.

2. Do not pay them. If you go and attend that interview you will get some experience of how the fake agents are acting like a real company. This experience help you to avoid fake agents in the future. 

3. Please share your experience with others to avoid this kind of scammers. 

What should I do if I suspect someone to be acting fraudulently on

  • Please report us if you suspect someone is acting fraudulently on so we can permanently block the person’s account.
  • Don’t forget to take a screenshot of ad content and the information that helps us to take further action. 
  • For more information please read our tips and security page