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Preferably Fresh Graduates – Accounting/Finance Graduates

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Dubai Customs is a Government body that facilitates free trade and help secure the integrity of Dubai’s borders. We aim to be a world leader in Customs administration through innovative and proactive services to our clients. We recognize the importance of our role in the trade supply chain and endeavour to intervene in the flow of goods and passengers only when considered necessary. Collecting customs revenue and administering trade measures are other major duties.

  1. Collect and organize relevant information by obtaining it from information sources to assist the auditor during the development of the subsequent customs clearance program, either planning the audit, approving the audit, or specializing the audit, in the manner requested by the head of the group to prepare a single audit plan.
  2. Sending a request for a resource expert to the relevant expert department after the approval of the group head and obtaining the opinion and approval of the experts regarding issues of tariff, value, facility, investigation and law.
  3. Preparing draft reports containing all evidence and audit results, based on the results of the transaction audit, to be presented to the group heads
  4. Determine the processes and controls (evaluation of internal control) for the client based on the information flow and collection system to prepare a CAPE measurement system in order to measure the level of control.
  5. Design a series of tests to determine whether the control process is carried out as it should in the company’s accurate records and reflects the reality of the matter
  6. Conduct preliminary compliance tests to ensure that transactions are audited in accordance with document control procedures within the system under display and to determine the extent of the need for technical testing and compliance tests in order to design a CAPE test.
  7. Collect the amount required for technical examination of samples based on a measurement system
    Technical audit by reviewing CAPE results
  8. Preparing and conducting technical audit tests based on the high and medium results of the measurement system
    Previous tests and collecting the necessary papers to test to detect errors or non-compliance with control procedures
  9. Create patterns and request forms for customs declarations and collect documents to perform auditing of transactions from customers and the Internet before starting to perform auditing tasks.
  10. Carrying out a desk audit at the customs office or client’s headquarters by examining identified transactions and collecting supporting papers for their compliance with customs registration in relation to the administrative structure and accounts.
  11. Preparing a report on auditing transactions based on auditing the group’s transactions and collecting all evidence and audit results to be presented by the head of the group to the relevant customers to communicate and follow up on uncollected customs duties, if any.
  12. Updating the customer communications record to achieve response and display evidence of uncollected customs duties
  13. Communicating with customers in the event of issuing decisions regarding uncollected customs duties or issuing a notice of their cancellation.
  14. Performing any duties assigned by the direct manager in a proper and timely manner with reliability, integrity, and ensuring that the assigned tasks are completed to the fullest extent. Confidentiality
  15. Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information in accordance with the security policies and procedures followed by Dubai Customs, in order to protect the information from any disclosure or misuse of development.
  16. Verifying the response to the self-assessment with actual compliance in adhering to the approved standards