Bus Driver

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Job Description

Job Purpose:

Drive company buses and cars to provide support in transporting a range of products and services ensuring all times that they deliver an on time and courteous transportation service for internal and external staff. Dnata delivers a first-class customer experience safely and reliably whilst meeting and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Job Outline:

  • Carries out Pre and Post inspection checks to ensure the vehicle is fully serviceable, clean, and suitable for purpose as per operational standard.
  • Undertake daily checks with Supervisor on the scheduled/un-scheduled repairs, cleaning and maintenance and ensure vehicle registration / airport vehicle permit is always valid. 
  • Ensures Safe transportation of employees / passengers in a timely manner, with good customer service and driving performance. 
  • Follows company grooming standards 
  • Time bound jobs which require care and initiative in completing the assignment in safe and timely manner. 
  • Undertake special assignments to pick up and drop off VIP clients, visitors. Ensure understanding of the route and factoring in lead time to complete the activity on time. 
  • Assist in cargo clearance including customs inspections and delivery to respective department/residential apartments in case of personal effects, conduct city tour for VIP Guests, collection/delivery of company cars to Senior Manager’s residences, passing of vehicles, cabin crew transportation for training, city tours, ID/Uniforms issue etc. The job holder will be required to be adaptable to deputise in case of leave of co-drivers. 
  • Meet and greet new joiners, VIP guests, clients arriving and departing and passengers (from time to time) with the assistance of the Airport Representatives. Assist them when loading and unloading the bags from the bus
  • Provide on the spot clarifications by transporting passengers during flight diversions.
  • Delivery of promotional materials such as banners and posters to/from Corporate Comms safely (glasses) and on time. 
  • Ensures compliance and familiarisation of all bussing routes in DXB and DWC in addition to all passengers & employees are safely transported to their various locations and Airport terminals.
  • Complies with all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Discuss safety concerns openly and reports them to the relevant supervisor.
  • Follows relevant departmental policies and work instructions.
Qualifications & Experience


12 Years schooling or equivalent : 


3 + yrs Heavy Bus Driving experience transporting employees/ passengers/ customers.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities 

  • Knowledge of UAE road network, company buildings and accommodation and places of tourist interest.
  • Must Hold a valid UAE Heavy Bus driving Licence, CAT 6 
  • Will require to operate CAT 6 buses (capacity varies up to 75 pax/cabin) 
  • Fluent in English and proven customer service skills.
  • Safety Sensitive Role; Yes
  • Working at height; No
  • Exposure to hazardous energy systems; No
  • Heavy lifting; Yes
  • Working in areas with motorised mobile equipment; Yes
  • Work in confined spaces; No
  • Contact with contaminations materials (Humans/Animals/Chemicals); No
  • Contact with dangerous goods; No
  • Work in an extremely noisy environment; Yes
  • Work in heat; Yes
  • Working with pressurised substances; No
  • Exposure to fixed protruding sharp objects; No
  • Exposure to contact with moving/falling objects; Yes
  • Airport driving permit; Yes
  • Driving a vibrating equipment; No
Dubai, United Arab Emirates