CCTV OPERATOR ( Genetech certified )

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1. Security Command and Control Operations / Team Management.

Supervise security CCTV staff assigned in each work station as per post requirements; ensure proper electronic surveillance as per the JD of each CCTV Operator, ensure proper communication, ensure daily updates of surveillance camera and equipment work instructions.

Monitor performance as per CCTV operator certified norms and skills.

Ensure proper understanding of all ISO 28000:2007, ISPS Code, ISR compliance in responding to all security levels Emergency Reports and Response for effective ERT mobilization with updates to Management as per standard practice and the Emergency Communication Chart.

2. Supervising Electronic Surveillance Documenting / Recording Information / Inspection / Investigation / Cause Report

Responsible to ensure recording of all CCTV Surveillance Cameras both static and PTZ for all Port Facilities with occurrences, maintenance of log book with proper handing and taking over, periodic reporting of security status to DPW Regional Security Team, CCC Manager, WS Manager, Shift Security Ops Manager, PFSO Security Control Office, Security Reports, Surveillance Findings with accuracy and legibility with up-to-date events.

Maintain Inventory of asset; follow up on AMC relating to Surveillance Cameras and Equipment as per SLA between WS – DP World UAE Region.

Ensure no surveillance system, recording system, servers etc for any misuse, abuse or use of any unauthorized USB devices that could spread virus, data theft, watching unacceptable material etc.

3. Communication and Coordination

Mentor and explain rules, policies or regulations of the premises through the post orders to the security staff under the direct control.

Supervise and continue regular communication with security updates to the line manager with follow up. Develop and maintain positive relation among the team and local law enforcement, attending monthly meetings with a client. Maintain Confidentiality of CCC. Train the CCTV Operators on a job for better communications and identifying training needs.

4. Safety and Alarms

Supervise the team to implement all safety regulations as per the site evacuation plan and instructions, develop and implement measures relating to accident, incident and other risk.

Verify safety or conformance to standards, investigate disturbances. Call police or fire departments in cases of emergency, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons; help the local police in case of emergencies such as thefts or violence.

Maintain good rapport and coordination with Technical and Engineering System Administrators for a smooth technical support for all CCTV infrastructures and report for rectification when such need arises.

5. Grooming / Punctuality

Must lead as an example and supervise to ensure that the entire team meet the standards relating to the grooming, and punctuality. Supervise CCTV Operators for alertness and attentive performance to deliver the task at all the times. Supervise and Maintain clean attendance record and avoid a late arrival on a site. Initiate disciplinary action on CCTV Operators when an incident of bad grooming or indiscipline reported.

Responsible for Performance review of CCTV Operators in line with the department’s vision and mission against the Department KPIs.

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