Digital Marketing Assistant, Ounass – UAE National

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Job Description

Running and reporting on Google campaigns

•    Running all topline numbers for reporting dashboards for Ounass 
•    Reporting dashboard WoW performance by channel
•    Weekly Reporting on new customer acquisition.
•    Running app download reports via Adjust tool.
•    Brand specific campaign performance reports
•    General ad hoc data gathering/reporting requirements
•    Setting up and maintaining UTM tracking tags
•    Competitor analysis and data gathering to understand and collate key competitor campaigns and launch timings. 
•    Consolidating monthly costs
•    Reporting daily on campaigns performance (ROI, IS, CTR) across accounts and markets
•    Running paid advertising across SEM channels
•    Keyword research for key search campaigns
•    Own the ad copy creation process
•    Updating all regions with new ad copies and required extensions
•    Monitor and enhance active bid strategies 
•    Maintaining digital marketing calendar
•    Communicating new brands, add to search accounts and removing discontinued brands.
•    writing of paid search copy and site links, including getting these translated. 
•    downloading customer lists to create custom audiences.
•    Setup of google search ads and social media.
•    Maintain SA360 budget groups & strategies   
•    Ongoing SA360 Templates creation and fixing
•    Audience/ remarketing lists update 
•    Ongoing campaigns optimization – performance based
•    Briefing creatives requirements via jira
•    Coordinating campaign asset delivery and translations  
•    Delivering assets to digital marketing analysts and ensuring campaigns go live according to deadlines.
•    Assisting in coordinating other team members to ensure costs are being managed and flagging/understanding when targets are not being met

Dubai, United Arab Emirates