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Job Description

Job Accountabilities

  • Drive buses from warehouse to Service Center.
  • Carries out the movement of buses / equipment inside the Workshop.
  • Assist with clearing and drives new consignment buses to warehouse.
  • Book car wash and detailing services to maintain interior and exterior cleanliness of the bus.
  • Ensure that vehicle is properly serviced and maintained.
  • Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road.
  • Maintain vehicle equipment; replace oil, fill gas tank, perform general motor vehicle maintenance as needed for safety.
  • Using navigation apps to determine the best route.
  • Ensure the car seats are clean and comfortable for all riders.
  • Deliver buses to customers throughout UAE.
  • Comply and implement the local laws and client’s requirements related to QHSEMS aspects at workplace, as per the bestowed authority and responsibility.
  • Carries out any additional tasks assigned (in line with qualifications and ability) by line manager.

To clear and transport goods/staff as required; to ensure proper upkeep of company vehicles.