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Job Description

About the job

The Research & Innovation Center for Graphene and 2D Materials (RIC2D) at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi is seeking an experienced, innovative and enterprising lab engineer knowledgable of the latest state of the art equipment in a recently developed lab. This is an exciting opportunity in a fast innovative technology for an individual who wants to be part of developing the ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, leading advanced materials to industry through innovation, research and collaboration.

We are seeking a Lab Engineer with experience in graphene and other 2D materials applications who has an outstanding track record and meets the requirements of the job description (sections 3 and 4).

About RIC2D

The mission of RIC2D at Khalifa University is to advance scientific research, development and commercial deployment of graphene and other layered (2D) materials’ technologies. Established in 2022, and funded via a strategic investment initiative of the Government of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), RIC2D serves as an integral part of an advanced materials innovation ecosystem in the region.

Five objectives define RIC2D’s contributions to the UAE’s continuing development priorities:

· Economic, focused on innovative companies and the knowledge-based economy

· Societal, addressing key UAE challenges, including security, water, environment and energy

· Human capital, building a dynamic and sustainable R&D workforce

· Infrastructure, enabling world-class R&D and extending capabilities via global partnerships and alliances

· Knowledge, generating new scientific findings and underpinning future industrial development

In the theme areas of energy, water, lightweight materials, healthcare and sustainability.

The Center already hosts a range of activities spanning high and low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) research projects, innovation support and commercial development opportunities.

Job Purpose

The Lab Engineer provides high quality support to the University Research 2D materials labs, related to the day-to-day operations. This includes equipment management, maintenance of equipment and research facilities, training of staff, offering expert advice on analytical techniques, ensuring measurement reliability and precision, following standard reporting and documentation procedure, and compliance with the University’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regulations on the use of equipment and materials. To ensure high level research services for users, the Lab Engineer should support and endorse a culture of continuous improvement.

Laboratory Safety

 Design and implement metrics and procedures to ensure compliance with all aspects of Khalifa University Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines and policies.

 Assess and report safety hazards associated with maintenance and use of equipment.

 Ensure the safe and effective operation of laboratory equipment and activities following the latest standards and procedures.

 Participate in drafting of risk assessments.

 Take immediate action on safety concerns and improvement recommendations.

Laboratory Management

 Ensure that written SOPs and other operational technical protocols and procedures are made available to all users and supervise their compliance.

 Contribute to laboratory goals for quality, efficiency, and waste reduction.

 Prepare daily operational log sheets, identify and analyze repetitive equipment failures and establish replacement programs as necessary.

 Create and maintain the inventory of all equipment, consumables and chemicals.


 Support the implementation of scheduled work plans by faculty members and research leaders.

 Draw and implement certification and assurance test plans, procedures, and test reports.

 Author operational manuals and essential operational and safety procedures for equipment and calibration based on manufacturers’ documentation.

 Coordinate installation and commissioning of new equipment.

 Design and implement bespoke systems to support experiments.

Management of Laboratory Resources

 Manage and maintain inventories and purchase lists of parts, consumables and materials.

 Evaluate technical requirements and solicit bids from potential vendors of equipment.

 Advise faculty and researchers on purchasing consumables and accessories.

Research Services

 Contribute to the continuing innovation and development of the RIC-2D research program.

 Maintain liaison with investigators, research personnel and staff to solve specific lab operating problems and improve performance and availability of equipment.


 Provide and contribute to reporting as required by RIC2D and lab users.

 Adhere to the University’s information security and confidentiality policies and procedures, and report breaches or other security risks.

 Coordinate with other departments as and when needed.

 Execute other task as assigned by the Line Manager.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in a related discipline. Required Experience


A minimum 7 years of relevant experience in research laboratories.

UAE Nationals:

A minimum of 3 year of relevant experience in research laboratories

Demonstrable experience in common surface and structural characterization techniques for 2D materials, such as but not limited to Raman spectroscopy, AFM, deposition.

 Working experience in operation and first-level maintenance of single layer growth equipment and technologies for 2D materials, such as but not limited to ALD and CVD.

 Excellent overview of 2D materials synthesis techniques and general thermo-physical characterization techniques and principles.

 Demonstrable experience in laboratory operation and support covering aspects of good practices, waste management, documentation, safety and other lab operational activities.

 High computational skills including chemometrics, modelling and data analysis using appropriate software.

 Experience of clean room operation.

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