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Job Description

Job Purpose

To perform aircraft Weight and Balance documentation activities for flights allocated departing from Dubai Airports and Outstations and ensure optimisation of aircraft space utilisation and fuel uptake Ensure the provision of an accurate and punctual service to all customer airlines as per laid down procedure. Coordinates all Load Control /CLC activities including, communication of fuel figures, pre & post departure procedures, radio position, fax, e- mail and telex monitoring whilst ensuring flight filing on a shift basis for both arrivals and departures. 
Job Outline

  • Responsible for the effective monitoring of inbound and outbound communication using the radio, fax, e-mail and telex. Monitor the communication of fuel figures in a timely manner.
  • Post flight, ensure all relevant messages (LDM / CPM etc) are generated and dispatched within acceptable and agreed time frames and that flight files are compiled, documents verified, files closed and sent across to storage.
  • Consolidate information (such as pax figures (from many DCS systems), baggage and cargo weights, aircraft weights, fuel figures etc.) from a variety of sources. Evaluate the baggage / ULD type / requirements based on destination/ sector parameters and ensure information is updated in the system.
  • Ensures Zero Fuel Weight is updated as per the Estimated Load message, whilst ensuring 100% accuracy is achieved within the small departure window.
  • Prepare General Declarations for customer airlines at offsite location.
  • Maintain healthy relationships and communication with key stakeholders ensuring superior customer service.
Qualifications & Experience


  • More than 3 years of experience in Airport Operations
  • Ground handling experience with at International Airport in areas of Aircraft Loading / Load Control and Documentation


  • 10 Years schooling or equivalent

Knowledge / Skills

  • Basic knowledge of current weight and balance requirements for all types of aircraft handled by DNATA with the intention to develop these further through formal qualifications.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and proficiency in the use of the systems like E-MACS,D-Macs, DMIS/CORE and other airline DCS that operate at Dubai International Airport and CLC stations.
  • Be comfortable with the use of technology including telephone, fax, e-mail and telex.
  • Basic level courses in Load Control/Ramp Handling/Dangerous Goods/Passenger Services and Cargo.
  • Must hold a valid UAE driving licence. 
Salary & Benefits

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates