Job Description

Job Description

• Maintenance Planning: Develop and implement comprehensive maintenance plans for solar power plants, including preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance activities.

• Performance Monitoring: Monitor the performance of solar installations, analyzing data from monitoring systems, and identifying any issues affecting energy generation or system efficiency.

• Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution: Diagnose and resolve technical issues related to solar energy systems, such as faulty equipment, wiring problems, or communication errors.

• Team Management: Lead a team of technicians or maintenance staff, providing guidance, training, and supervision to ensure all tasks are executed effectively and safely.

• Vendor Management: Coordinate with equipment suppliers, contractors, and service providers to schedule maintenance activities, procure spare parts, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

• Safety and Compliance: Implement and enforce safety protocols, ensuring adherence to relevant regulations, standards, and industry best practices.

• Performance Optimization: Identify opportunities to optimize energy generation and system performance, such as equipment upgrades, component replacements, or operational adjustments.

• Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, equipment performance, and system incidents. Prepare regular reports on key performance indicators, maintenance costs, and operational efficiency.

• Budgeting and Cost Control: Develop and manage budgets for O&M activities, including cost estimation, expense tracking, and cost-saving initiatives.

• Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes. Identify and implement process improvements to enhance O&M practices and increase the overall reliability and profitability of solar installations.


Experience (Yrs & Field): A minimum of 5 years of experience on Solar PV projects with proven track records.

Educational Qualification: Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Electrical/Mechanical

Professional Certifications: Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Solar PV Professional, or similar credentials.

Skills & Abilities:

Technical Knowledge, Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Performance Monitoring and Data Analysis;Team Leadership and Management; Health and Safety Compliance; Contract Management and Vendor Relations; Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Project Management; Business Acumen