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Job Description


1.Manage all resource requirements for all Business units of the Operations department with scientific and accurate calculations based on flight schedules and meal forecasts. This includes all manpower categories, vehicles, and devices.

2.Plan resource allocation (manpower, Hi-Loaders, devices, airline equipment) to ensure efficient workflow during the day of OPS.

3.Effectively lead all business processes within the operations department and provide regular input to management to ensure optimal service delivery.

4.Support and monitor the operational strategy and prepare annual and seasonal CAPEX/OPEX/manpower requirement budgetary proposals based on forecast flight plans with relevant justifications to avoid operation disruption.

5.Collaborate with cross-functional areas to review standards and procedures to ensure that processes are LEAN through optimization of costs and resources.

6.Translate airline standard requirements into operating procedures and guidelines that allow integration into on-the-job training manuals.

7.Ensure that airline feedback and non-conformance reports are answered and analysed to allow the implementation of operations counterstrategies.

8.Organize and plan all regulatory, mandatory, and practical training for the entire operations manpower.

9.Introduce and implement new technologies and projects in the respective functional areas to optimize costs and provide solutions to promote efficient operations.

10.Monitor the service delivery objectives to achieve operational excellence by developing dashboard analytics and insights to enable the department to monitor key performance indicators.

Design and deploy new KPIs, KRAs, process improvements, and best practices, collaborating with stakeholders to facilitate skills development and succession planning, ultimately leading to enhanced operational efficiency, improved performance, and sustainable growth.


Bachelor*s degree in Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or equivalent qualification

Lean six sigma and PMP, desirable

Experience & Knowledge:

Minimum 7 years* experience leading large-scale operational activities in a logistics, catering and or airside environment.

Experience leading a number of operations efficiency initiatives and service improvements.


Ability to communicate effectively with all organisational levels.

Clear, concise, and influential written communication skills.

Achievement orientated and problem solving capabilities.

Ability to develop highly effective working relationships by building credibility, respect, and rapport with all networks.

Ability to challenge people, situations, and current thinking effectively and creatively.

Proven ability to secure and analyse a range of quantitative and qualitative information and use this in developing strategies, plans, policies, and solutions that meet individual and organisational needs.

High analytical skills with the ability to drive automated reporting.

Proficient in new IT trends and AI technology