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Job Description

About Fakeeh University Hospital

Fakeeh University Hospital delivers the best possible outcomes for its patients through smart technology and academic strengths. Built on an integrated healthcare model, the hospital brings you the legacy of over four decades of compassionate care – drawn from the renowned Fakeeh Care group based in Saudi Arabia.
Fakeeh University Hospital is made up of like-minded healthcare providers, working towards a common goal, which is, delivering quality healthcare to people all around the world. Our passionate staff members have years of experience within and outside the country.
Fakeeh University Hospital is a digital hospital, having fully integrated electronic medical records, supporting improvements to the quality and efficiency of healthcare services for patients and the community at large. Additionally, we operate an efficient emergency department

Job Profile:

The Staff Pharmacist is responsible for the oversight of pharmacy dispensing processes and the consultation of patients.  The staff pharmacist has oversight of pharmacy technicians as well as supports the pharmacy operations manager ensuring the maintenance of efficient pharmacy operations, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.  In addition to any responsibilities, otherwise outlined in the job description or elsewhere, the staff pharmacist has responsibility for complying with rules governing the role of a pharmacist.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Pharmacist/Locum Pharmacist


  • Bachelor’s in Pharmacy


3+ years of experience as a pharmacist in a 300+ Hospital post-graduation


  • Drug Knowledge
  • Compliance
  • Counseling
  • Medical Records Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Computer Literacy
  • Inventory Management
  • Drug Interactions
  • Chemistry
  • Patient Assessments
  • Medical Privacy Laws
  • Pharmacology
  • Mathematics
  • Insurance Benefits Management
  • Direct Customer Interface
  • Pharmaceutical Standards and Procedures
  • Medication Management
  • Prescription Fulfillment
  • Pharmacy Security
  • Pharmaceutical Care
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Customer Service
  • Compounding Medicines
Dubai, AE