Principal Engineer – Planning

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Job Description


  •  Support the Project Controls Manager/ Manager Planning who will be responsible for the ultimate planning
  • and controls deliverables under the Project.
  • Participate in the tendering process by providing input to the initial Project Execution Plan in terms of
  • Level 1. 2 and 3 planning. In particular, supporting the proposals manager with a full understanding of the
  • logical sequencing of activities through engineering to handover.
  • Active
  • Develop the Level 1, 2 and 3 schedules from the tender phase, into working schedules for execution,
  • taking into account input from engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning disciplines,
  • while providing guidance on optimizing the schedule.
  • Guide in setting up of  the Technical Document Register (TDR) and Project Procurement  Tracking
  • Register (PTR), and pursue population of the requisite data into these registers with Engineering and
  • Procurement disciplines respectively.
  • Work with subcontractor or partner construction planners to develop optimum sequencing of activities in
  • construction such that realistic date are set for engineering and procurement activities to facilitate the
  • necessary durations for efficient installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning.
  • Ensure the TDR and PR is updated in line with Project reporting requirements, and report any serious
  • deviations to project management.
  • Prepare project S curves for all individual engineering disciplines, procurement and construction. 
  • Prepare weekly and monthly progress figures for input to weekly/monthly reports. Ensure that remaining
  • forecast planning is achievable in light of progress figures, and highlight to project management areas
  • where planning will require to be altered to remedy delays or potential delays in schedule.
  • Collate commodity information from discipline engineers and prepare commodity curves for handover to
  • construction management and subsequent monitoring.
  • Prepare detailed (level 4) plans for specific critical activities drawn from the Level 3 Schedule eg nozzle
  • availability, structural pipe rack erection, underground facilities, building design and erection, such that
  • these can be used as effective management tools for monitoring the progress of these critical activities.
  • Participate with construction personnel and commissioning manager in transition from construction
  • planning by activity, to system planning for commissioning and handover. Ensure that this is compliant
  • with the logical and contractual requirements for handover of the facilities.
  • Perform any related duties and responsibilities as and when required.
  • Ensure Timely submission of various internal and client reports with all supporting documents
  • Carry out risk analysis and schedule assurance check.
  • Participate in rebase lining exercise as required.


  • Graduation in Engineering with a minimum of 15 years relevant experience depending on the role as well as
  • project magnitude and complexity.
  • Deep knowledge of end to end EPC planning, management reporting
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates