Program Manager – Store Operations

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Job Description

Job Description

Job Summary & Purpose

The Program Manager for Retail Operations is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of a retail business and driving improvements in operations, customer experience, and profitability. This role involves coordinating and collaborating with cross-functional teams, setting strategic objectives, and ensuring the successful implementation of retail operations initiatives.

Job Description:

• Develop and maintain a comprehensive program strategy for retail operations.

• Set sales targets and goals for the store(s) and develop strategies to achieve them.

• Monitor sales performance and implement initiatives to drive revenue growth.

• Manage the store budget, control expenses, and ensure profitability.

• Collaborate with various departments such as marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance to achieve program objectives.

• Communicate effectively with stakeholders to ensure alignment and support for retail operations initiatives.

• Analyze current retail operations processes and identify areas for improvement.

• Implement process enhancements to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

• Oversee inventory control and management processes to optimize stock levels and reduce Ageing and Shrinkage.

• Ensure that all retail operations comply with relevant regulations, policies, and standards.

• Utilize data analytics to monitor program performance and make data-driven decisions.

• Prepare regular reports and presentations for senior management and stakeholders.


Experience (Yrs & Field) :5+ years – retail operations

Educational Qualification: MBA in retail management, or a related field

Skills & Abilities:

Experience in retail operations/ program management

Strong Project management skills

Strong in relationships and communication.

Analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Passionate and self-motivated

Knowledge of retail industry trends and best practices. (desirable)