Registered Nurse.NICU & OT.Medcare Women and Children Hospital (Br)

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Job Description


Your Responsibilities: 

As a Resident Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, your typical day may include the following:

· Perform assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation process in NICU unit.

· Skill-full in basic and advance procedures such as managing neonates on ventilator , continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) & high flow nasal cannula (HFNC ), hemodynamic monitoring, taking anthropometric measurements , cord and eye care , blood gas sampling analysis , E.T & tracheostomy suctioning , nasogastric tubes, caring all central lines and babies in body cool machine, activating code pink ,I/V cannulation , blood sampling and drug and fluid calculation .

· Handling neonates on photo therapy, incubator and baby with Rh -ve mothers.

· Demonstrate competency in care of critically ill new born such as preterm babies , post term babies and Low Birth Babies.

· Assist in blood transfusion procedure , feeding, breastfeeding, storage of breast milk, and monitor the hydration status, umbilical artery catheterization ,umbilical venous catheterization

· Demonstrate competency in neonatal resuscitation.

· Ensure the safe transportation of neonates to nursery / ICU / Ward and sterilization of all feeding equipment.

· Knowledgeable about the immunization schedule.

Your Responsibilities: 

As a Resident Nurse, Operation Theatre, your typical day may include the following:

· Provide surgical patients with perioperative care in recovery, procedure and operating room.

· Stock operating rooms with sterile surgical equipment, linen and supplies.

· Develop and implement care plans for surgical patients.

· Prepare patients for surgery by cleaning and disinfecting areas to be operated on.

· Assist surgeons during surgical procedures.

· Apply sterile techniques in handling surgical instruments and equipment during preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative stages.

· Collaborate with surgical teams and other medical professionals on patient medication and post-surgery care.

· Awareness in specimen handling and labeling.

· Assist with the ordering, maintenance, and safe storage of surgical equipment and supplies.

· Provide patients with post -surgery care instructions and answering questions.

· Maintain records and documentation in patient management system such as HIS.

· Collaborate with surgical teams and healthcare specialist.

· Interpersonal communication with all stakeholders.


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