Risk and Quality Manager

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Job Description

About Fakeeh University Hospital

Fakeeh University Hospital delivers the best possible outcomes for its patients through smart technology and academic strengths. Built on an integrated healthcare model, the hospital brings you the legacy of over four decades of compassionate care – drawn from the renowned Fakeeh Care group based in Saudi Arabia.
Fakeeh University Hospital is made up of like-minded healthcare providers, working towards a common goal, which is, delivering quality healthcare to people all around the world. Our passionate staff members have years of experience within and outside the country.
Fakeeh University Hospital is a digital hospital, having fully integrated electronic medical records, supporting improvements to the quality and efficiency of healthcare services for patients and the community at large. Additionally, we operate an efficient emergency department

Job Profile:

The post holder will be responsible for the professional management of a comprehensive health and safety/risk management program and for the introduction and/or implementation of measures to ensure the Hospitals compliance to health and safety UAE rules and regulations, and international healthcare standards. To ensure a proactive approach to Incident and Risk management across the Hospital with consistent application of the Hospitals Risk and Incident Management Policies and Guidance. This will involve implementation of the Hospital Risk and Incident management policy and guidance, including:

– Risk Assessment process

– Risk registers

– Incident management

Job Responsibilities:

Develop and foster internal clinical risk identification mechanisms including, but not limited to incident reports, medical record reviews, clinical audits, patient complaints and claims and risk assessments.
• Have a strong overview of the progress of incident investigations and ensure communication with the management about the risk register.
• Lead the process for reporting and updating information relating to patient safety incidents and near misses.
• Champion and promote quality as a key focus when reviewing the learning from incidents to improve patient outcomes and effectiveness of care.
• Analyze complex information from claims, and incident investigations to establish appropriate action plans to bring about positive change.
• Co-ordinate the collection, analysis and presentation of quantitative and qualitative clinical risk management data to measure the effects of change and monitor continuous improvement.
• Manages the Occurrence Variance System, through analysis and prioritization based on the Risk Prioirty Indexing.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Risk Manager


  • Bachelor’s in Allied Health or Equivalent


Minimum 5 years of experience in an accredited hospital in the role of Quality and Risk Management 


  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management Policies
  • Risk Management Systems Design
  • Risk Management Training
  • Risk Modeling
  • Risk Rules and Regulations
  • Safety Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Strategic Risk Planning


  • Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Risk Planning
  • Risk Management Policies and Training
  • Supervising Operations
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Continuos Learning and Development
Dubai, AE