Senior HRBP, Emiratization

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Job Description

About The Role

The Senior HRBP Emiratization will for developing and implementing strategies to enhance the employment and career opportunities for Emiratis within Al Tayer Insignia. The role will collaborate with various departments and stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of Emiratization programs and initiatives. The role will be responsible to shape Al Tayer Insignias Emiratization agenda and create significant impact on the career prospects and development of Emirati talent within ATI.

What you’ll be doing

Strategic Roles and Responsibilities:

•Develop a comprehensive ATI Emiratization strategy that aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, and long-term goals. This includes setting strategic objectives, defining measurable targets, and outlining initiatives to achieve desired outcomes.

•Ensure ATI Emiratization strategy is closely aligned with the overall business strategy by collaborating with the VP Human Resources and senior leadership team to understand organizational needs and identify opportunities to integrate Emirati talent development into the core business functions.

•Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as senior management, HR teams, and business function heads, to ensure their commitment and active participation in Emiratization efforts.

•Collaborate with relevant external stakeholders, including government entities, industry associations, and educational institutions, to promote Emiratization efforts and acquire support.

Functional Roles and Responsibilities:

•Manager the UAE National Talent Acquisition by developing plans to attract, develop, and retain Emirati talent to address skill gaps and ensure a sustainable pipeline of Emirati professionals in all ATI Commercial, Business Support Functions, and Digital/Omni positions.

•Lead the recruitment and selection process for Emirati talent, including developing targeted sourcing strategies, establishing partnerships with universities and vocational institutions.

•Assess UAE National onboarding programs to support the successful integration of Emirati hires into the organization.

•Identify high-potential Emirati employees, providing them with appropriate training and development opportunities, and creating clear pathways for career progression.

•Implement best practices for resolving employee relations matters and addressing employee grievances to ensure harmonious workplace environment.

•Stay updated on relevant local laws, regulations, and government directives related to Emiratization ensuring that ATI complies with the requirements and implements necessary measures and practices to support Emiratization goals.

•Stay informed about best practices in Emiratization and nationalization efforts across industries.

•Engage in public relations activities, participate in industry events, and leverage media channels to create awareness and attract Emirati talent.

•Regularly report on key metrics, achievements, and challenges to senior management and relevant stakeholders.

•Work closely with line managers to identify growth opportunities, succession plans, and talent pipelines for Emirati nationals.

•Collaborate with L&D Talent and Employee Experience function in designing and implementing career development programs, training initiatives, and mentorship schemes to enhance the skills and competencies of Emirati employees.

People Management Roles and Responsibilities:

•Provide leadership and direction to team members towards the achievement of goals and objectives.

•Coach and motivate team to enhance performance and produce quality work and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher level roles.

About You

To be considered for this role, you will need to have a minimum of 5+ years’ experience, 3 of those being in an Emiratization role. You must have In-depth knowledge of Emiratization laws, regulations, and best practices with a proven track record of successfully implementing Emiratization programs and initiatives. A strong understanding of recruitment and talent acquisition practices, excellent stakeholder management, exceptional communication, presentation, and negotiation skills and strong leadership and team management abilities. Excellent English and fluency in Arabic is essential.    

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