Senior Manager – Business Development

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Job Description

Department Definition

The Commercial & Engagement Division is responsible for driving strategic engagement programs and initiatives that support Expo City Dubai’s objectives, delivering commercial, educational, and social value. These initiatives include attracting relevant and significant local and international entities to set up their headquarters within Expo City; developing programs that contribute to the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences; enhancing the City’s positioning as a hub of excellence and a center for innovation, education and sustainability; developing strategic partnerships; and integrating businesses, SMEs, educational entities, students, and innovators as part of a cohesive ecosystem.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The Senior Manager Business Development is responsible for leading and driving strategic growth initiatives and partnerships within the leasing sector. This role involves identifying and pursuing new leasing opportunities, fostering relationships with key clients, negotiating complex leasing agreements, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve leasing objectives.

The Senior Manager Business Development plays a critical role in expanding the leasing portfolio, maximizing revenue, and ensuring the long-term success and profitability of the leasing department within the organization.

Main responsibilities for this role include: 

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Conduct thorough market research to identify industry trends, competitive landscapes, average prices and potential opportunities for leasing services
  • Support the delivery and success of the commercial strategies for Expo City Dubai
  • Identify and target potential clients and partners who would benefit from our leasing and commercial offerings
  • Develop and implement a business development strategy to meet or exceed revenue and growth targets
  • Prepare compelling leasing proposals and lead negotiations with clients, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements
  • Develop the client relations requirements so that Tenants enjoy a seamless experience that also considers all policy and process governance requirements

Operational Responsibilities

  • Achieve/ exceed annual commercial targets
  • Manage broker relationships
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with new and existing clients and identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling leasing solutions
  • Support and ensure that the strategic plan is executed and delivered upon
  • Evaluate leasing opportunities for their financial viability, risk assessment, and return on investment
  • Generate reports on business development activities and present findings to senior management
  • Ensure all leasing activities adhere to relevant regulations and compliance standards.
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting strategic client relationships with global and local client database
  • Meet with key customers to understand their business needs and objectives
  • Ensure solid account management and record keeping
  • Support in the development of any new or modified CRM or commercial system, as relevant
  • Effectively communicate the value proposition through proposals and presentations, events and exhibits
  • Understand category-specific landscapes and trends, prepare reports regarding these trends for senior management on a quarterly basis
  • Ensure tenanting is in line with the master development planning and guidelines
  • Keep track of all information related to document control, KYC, and agreements
  • Develop, present, and oversee financial budgets on an annual and quarterly basis;
  • Ensure all budgets and financial processes align with the team and organizational goals.
  • Collaborate with executives, project managers, and cross-departmental leadership to set budget goals and ensure they’re followed
  • Provides forecast on anticipated revenue as required
  • Liaise with the legal team to ensure that all lease documentation complies with laws and regulations
  • Assist in the preparation of lease documentation
  • Review and renew expiring leases of existing tenants
  • Develop an effective and efficient records management system for client databases, broker databases, lease contracts and department records
  • Ensure the team provides the highest level of service to clients and potential clients.
  • Establish and maintain effective and strong relationships with potential clients
  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive reporting system for all leasing achieved
  • Review client collections and ensure that they are paid as per the plan or that corrective measures are in place in case of delays
  • Any other duties as required

 People Responsibilities 

  • Support in the development of a robust leasing and customer service team
  • Lead direct reports responsibly and proficiently, providing effective line management to direct reports
  • Set objectives and evaluate performance of individual direct reports and actively manage key personnel issues
  • Ensure that all staff acquire the required skills and knowledge through appropriate learning and development programmes
  • Embed culture and values by role modeling organisational behaviours through excellence, performance management, feedback and coaching
  • Encourage frequent knowledge sharing between team members


8+ years’ experience in real estate, preferably in commercial leasing with a strong background in the sustainability industry as well as:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Knowledge of leasing sales processes and procedures, industry practices and governing laws
  • Leadership skills
  • Sincere enthusiasm for Expo City Dubai as a product and for the Expo City Dubai values, generating a genuine strong commercial narrative
  • Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Drive and energy
  • Excellent understanding of industry trends
  • Demonstrate outstanding selling skills by the ability to prospect and qualify leads, identify customer needs, negotiate and close sales
  • Able to train staff on selling techniques
Dubai, UAE