Senior Manager – Partnerships (UAE National)

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Job Description

Department Definition

The Commercial & Engagement Division is responsible for driving strategic engagement programs and initiatives that support Expo City Dubai’s objectives, delivering commercial, educational, and social value. These initiatives include attracting relevant and significant local and international entities to set up their headquarters within Expo City; developing programs that contribute to the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences; enhancing the City’s positioning as a hub of excellence and a centre for innovation, education and sustainability; developing strategic partnerships; and integrating businesses, SMEs, educational entities, students, and innovators as part of a cohesive ecosystem.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The main responsibilities for this role include:

Strategic Responsibilities:

  • Help develop the innovation ecosystem strategy for the commercial department of Expo City Dubai
  • Identify partnership opportunities that will support and ensure the ecosystem thrives
  • Develop relationships with the core anchor tenants and ensure that collaboration and co-creation opportunities are activated and supported
  • Keep up to date with innovation market trends that are significant to Dubai, the UAE and the region
  • Manage the Expo City Dubai ecosystem to ensure a strategic tenant mix is achieved (industries and technologies) by proactively targeting tenants, accelerators, incubators, chambers, service providers and any other entities that would benefit the ecosystem.
  • Help develop strategic engagement initiatives that establish and maintain strong external relationships with key stakeholders, clients and partners (including commercial and business entities, business associations, and commercial & trade offices)
  • Oversee the Lifecyle of partnerships, from identification and vetting to contract negotiation and ongoing management
  • Assist in formulating the business ecosystem strategy for the Commercial & Engagement Division of Expo City Dubai
  • Plan, execute, and evaluate community outreach programs to strengthen Expo City’s reputation in innovation and sustainability
  • Identify alliances and partnership opportunities that contribute to the ecosystem’s success
  • Support negotiation and execution of partnership and commercial opportunities, including involvement in deal-making processes

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Help drive the delivery of a new business pipeline aligned with our purpose of creating a global community with a vision to champion innovation and sustainable living, thinking and collaboration
  • Respond to requests for proposals and information from potential partners and clients
  • Create and manage high-quality PowerPoint presentations for executive meetings, stakeholder engagement, and other high-profile events
  • Attend and participate in relevant industry events, conferences, and meetings, representing Expo City Dubai effectively
  • Help curate and execute business ecosystem events to enhance networking, engagement, and value within Expo City Dubai
  • Engage and secure partnerships with potential tenants and other entities beneficial to the ecosystem, including Government, Academia, Accelerators, incubators, and service providers
  • Manage operational aspects of onboarding new partners, from contract signing to implementation
  • Develop and maintain communication channels for partner and community updates
  • Continuously promote awareness of the entire ecosystem.
  • Provide regular progress reports to management and lead meetings and events as required
  • Ensure high-quality, professional work to contribute to the department’s success
  • Work with other departments in Expo City Dubai to maximize their collaboration with the ecosystem, ensuring their alignment with the ecosystem strategy where required.


8 years + managerial experience in business development as well as:

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in business or related field
  • Strong commercial skills and experience
  • Proven ability to develop and realise a sales pipeline
  • Strong project management experience
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Strong relationship management skills and experience
  • Customer service orientated
  • Strong team player with exceptional intrapersonal skills
    Leadership skills
  • Sincere enthusiasm for Expo City Dubai as a product and for the Expo City Dubai values, generating a genuine strong commercial narrative
  • Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Excellent understanding of industry trends
Dubai, UAE