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Job Description

About the role

The role is supposed to ensure following:

  1. Perform “perpetual stockcount” and ensure all inventory is accounted for and reported according to plan
  1. Execute daily perpetual inventory counts and reconcile if actual count differs.
  2. Ensure that a minimum 100 bins are scanned / counted in the warehouse on daily basis.
  3. Status of Completed / Pending bins and “Bins In-process” to be shared with “Stock Assurance Supervisor” on daily basis.

About the requirements

Core Responsibilities (For On- Floor Activities):

  • To conduct / maintain configuration and control of the PDA is in their possession for the Stockcount.
  • To conduct “Stockcount” and “Store Assurance” activities for respective locations allocated and ensure completion as per the designed task and agreed SOP’s.
  • To ensure that the documents / formats as required to be filled are completed, duly acknowledged for each investigation conducted within warehouse.
  • To ensure that the documents are filed and stored properly.
  • Ensure that required documents / explanations are produced for issuing a “Variance Report” for all the work done on monthly basis.
  • Raise an alarm for all process gaps at “store / warehouse locations” leading to significant loss to the organization through inventory management.


  • Ensure to maintain time discipline and bring new learning for On-floor activity.
  • Time management of the team and self for both office and out-locations.
  • To bring improvement in day to day working so that smooth flow of work is ensured and efficiency is build.
  • Plan to develop a new effective way of working and implementing the same among the team members


  • 2 to 4 year of experience in Inventory Management
  • Experienced working and handling team for more than 1 year for “Cycle Count” and “Perpetual Inventory experience”.
  • Ability to bring improvement in existing processes and build a better thinking among the team members.