Technical Manager – Administration

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Job Description

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1. Proficient in handling the most complex of technical development concepts, tools and technologies, strong database
concepts and designing techniques.
2. Experience in troubleshooting, developing processes and ability to understand and implement client requirements.
3. Being involved and providing input in the development of the maintenance programs for the relevant proactive and
reactive work, and providing ideas for the development of the due process projects.
4. For the major stages of proactive program, organizing and conducting debriefing meetings to evaluate the progress and
risks, and identify lessons learnt for current or future projects.
5. Strategies approach to PPM process along with industry approach framework all the way from vendor, scope, contract,
schedule, completion, supervision, verification, documents and payment.
6. Develop a spare parts and material matrix covering location, items, quantities and inventory in/out to ensure timely
availability of required items related to RM and or PPM.
7. Develop and present a Training need matrix which will include internal or external training sessions requirement based on
post assessment project as well as financial impact.
8. Review of DEWA bills and other energy consumption platforms, data management /analytic and subsequent energy
strategies leading to major reduction in current expenses.
9. Assists FM department by providing knowledge of the prevailing MEP codes of practice, regulations, and specifications for
the construction and FM industry.
10. Responsible to coordinate with the Client’s appointed Project Managers/Consultants during transition/takeover phase of
the project and highlights any design, system and quality related issues regarding building systems, common areas and