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Job Description

Job Description

The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in the logistics and transportation working with FMCG industry, particularly in the Gulf countries. This position will play a pivotal role in coordinating all transport activities for ELC’s shipments from Dubai to various markets within the GCC and also coordinate with other suppliers from various parts of the world to track, plan and coordinate inbound reception at the same time respecting lead time and within deadlines.

Responsibilities include, Transport coordination, vendor management, reporting, communication with stakeholders, and cost management. Will have a key role to play in enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance, and optimizing overall transportation process. Should be able to navigate diverse logistics operations, optimizing costs and ensuing efficient shipment management.

This role demands commitment to upholding safety standards, optimizing shipment processes, and leading comprehensive audits. By overseeing safety protocols, checklists, and audits, this role will contribute to the secure and efficient handling of shipments within our operations.

·       Monthly Sales Objectives: Accountable for delivering targeted shipments to meet monthly sales recognition goals.

·       Diverse Operations Management: Oversee Direct-to-Retail, Distributor model, On-line operations to ensure seamless logistics coordination & on-time delivery

·       Order Planning and Scheduling: Plan and schedule monthly customer orders, ensuring accurate delivery dates for each market/customer.

·       Efficient Shipment Tracking: Implement and maintain an efficient tracking system for all shipments, regularly updating a comprehensive track & trace report.

·       Budget Management and Cost Optimization: Manage transportation budgets, identifying opportunities for cost savings through gap analysis and strategic action.

·       Vendor Relationship Management: Cultivate and manage relationships with transportation vendors, collaborating with the Procurement team on Transportation Request for Proposals (RFPs) every alternate year.

·       Performance Metrics and Continuous Improvement: Develop and maintain transportation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports, utilizing data to identify areas for improvement.

·       Invoice Validation and Allocation: Take charge of vendor invoice validation and allocate costs to accounts for booking service invoices.

·       Shipping Documentation and Clearance: Obtain shipping documents from the source/forwarder and promptly forward them to the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider.

·       Ensure timely customs clearance to avoid delays and communicate any potential issues, seeking approval for unavoidable demurrage charges.

·       3PL Coordination: Confirm receipt of shipments by the 3PL, prioritizing urgent shipments based on brand determinations.

Discrepancy Resolution: Investigate and address discrepancy reports from the 3PL, initiating claims with the source and obtaining credit notes for missing/damaged goods.

Product Registration & Collaboration

·       Work closely with the Regulatory Affairs team to oversee the registration process with the Dubai Municipality.

·       Coordinate the collection of requisite documentation and samples in collaboration with the ELC Regulatory Affairs team.

·       Provide support for fulfilling regulatory requirements in all markets, staying abreast of any new regulatory introductions.

·       Government Liaison Expertise in collaborating with various government bodies related to transportation, including the Dubai Municipality, Customs, Ministry, etc.


·        Safety Compliance and Secure Shipment Handling, thorough understanding of safety protocols and legal regulations to ensure the smooth and secure handling of all shipments.

·       Establish and maintain detailed checklists for both inbound and outbound shipments, ensuring meticulous adherence to procedures.

·       Collaborate with the ME-FC QA team to conduct safety audits on equipment before loading shipments, proactively addressing any potential concerns.

·       Take charge of providing export packing solutions for outbound shipments, ensuring the integrity and safety of the goods during transit.

·       Ensure the acquisition and secure management of Proof of Delivery (POD) for both inbound and outbound shipments. Lead transport audits in collaboration with the Accounts/Finance team, ensuring a holistic examination of transportation processes and financial implications.


·       Perform other duties as assigned in line with the role and EL Corporate strategy.

·       Provide support for regional studies relating to alternative shipment strategies.

·       Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and customs requirements in the Gulf countries.

·       Maintain effective communication with internal stakeholders, including the sales team, warehouse, and customer service, to ensure alignment on transport requirements.

·       Identify opportunities for process improvement in transportation operations and implement best practices. Analyze transportation data to optimize routes, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

5 Years GCC Experience

DG Certification will be an advantage

Expert in MS Excel & Must have thorough hands-on experience in SAP