UAE Job Tips and avoiding Job Scams

If you are looking for any websites to search for job opportunities and/or if you are an employer and want to hire some good people for your company/business, you should be aware of the fraudsters. Here we are provided some tips for searching for jobs and posting job offers and avoiding fraudsters. For more information about fake jobs please read about our fake job alert page.

Tips for Posting Job Offers

  • Write your Ad title of fewer than 60 Characters.
  • Include Important Keywords.
  • Keep it concise: Do not write your content like an essay.
  • Include Essential Information: Job Title, Location, Description, Responsibilities, Qualifications/Requirements.
  • Let job seekers know what type of job, working time and what kind of work they will be doing.
  • Mention your website name or company page (social media) so that easy for jobseekers to learn more about your company.
  • Mention the salary package (This is your choice)
When you post ad content using our platform and services, your personal information is publicly visible and be searchable to other viewers/users until you delete or your ads plan to end. This may include your name, your email address, your contact number, and other details you want to provide publicly. We will protect your personal information stored on our servers by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. If you agree to this then you can post your ad content on our platform and the service.

Tips for Searching Jobs

  • When you are searching for a job, please read all information carefully before sending your job application.
  • If you have any doubts ask them directly via chat or send an email.
  • If they mention their website name or company page(on social media), you should read and check all the information about the company before applying.
  • Read their requirement and be ready with them before you are going to apply.
  • Email your resume or CV or portfolio to the employer email or chat with them and ask where to send the details.
  • If the company tells you to come for a direct interview, please ask local people (about this company) who are living or working near that company.
  • Do not give or send money(online) to anyone. A good company never asks money for a selection process.
  • If the company asks to pay money don’t trust and ignore them and report us immediately. They may be a fraudster.
Attention: Never give or send money to employers, agencies, or recruiters. Recruiting agencies get paid by the employer.

Security Concerns

Be aware of the fraudsters, please do not send money to unknown persons direct or online.  Do not share your bank details like credit/debit card numbers, 16 Digits ATM card numbers, ATM card CVV numbers (card backside 3 digits number) with anyone.

Please keep these points in your mind

  • Nowadays fraudsters are showing you fake id proof, fake payment proof, and telling you all other jobseekers are paid money for the selection process. Please don’t believe them.
  • The fake id and payment proof look very genuine but it’s not a real one. Sometimes the fraudster sends a screenshot of a fake payment successful message.
  • One real incident happened recently:  One fraud spoke with a job seeker very genuinely and asked about his working experience, skills, education, preferred working location, and last salary, then the fraud told the job seeker to send his id proof copy, degree certificate copy, passport copy for the verification process. Then 15 minutes later the fraudster sent a job confirmation letter ( Appoint letter ) via Email with a real company name, and logo ( The fraud was trying to act like a real one) and called again to the job seeker and told congratulation our team selected you and you have to pay “Fees” for next process. Once you are paid, our HR will contact you and explain your work. So the job seekers paid those fees, and instantly the fraud blocked the job seeker’s email, and Whatsapp number once they got the amount.
  • Fraudster sends QR code or link to the payment section, don’t scan the QR code and don’t click the link they provided, If you respond to their QR Code or link, it’s easy for them to hack your account and deduct money from it.
  • never asks for your credentials such as Username/password, if anyone speaks to you like an customer service person and asks for your username/password please don’t send them. Maybe they are fraudsters.
  •  You can reset your password and edit your information anytime in the member dashboard area.
  • If anyone mentions their phone number in an unusual combination such as a space between the number, using an upper case letter, unnecessary number, or special character, they are fraudsters.
  •  If you suspect someone acting as a fraud on our platform, please report us immediately.